Bringing POWERPLAY to Alberta workplaces

Beginning early 2019, with funding from the Alberta Ministry of Labour – Occupational Health and Safety Futures Program (Grant #095244772), the POWERPLAY program is coming to male-dominated workplaces in Alberta. POWERPLAY has been successfully implemented in several different industries in northern British Columbia (e.g., trucking, shipping, manufacturing, mining). This program supports mandates related to occupational health and safety while also offering opportunities for promoting wellness among employees.

Want to bring POWERPLAY to your workplace?
Dr. Cherisse Seaton
University of British Columbia
Allison Soprovich
University of Alberta


Powerplay at Work

We are happy to announce that the POWERPLAY “Men’s Health at Work” program has won the following awards:

  1. Cancer Awareness Advertising Award 2015
  2. Healthy Workplace for Small Business Award, Prince George, 2015
  3. MarCom Platinum Awards in two categories in 2015: Promotion/Marketing Materials and Pro Bono
  4. Annual Service Industry Advertising Award for Total Public Relations Campaign, 2015
  5. Hermes Creative Awards in two categories in 2016: Public Relations Campaign and Pro Bono
  6. Communicator Awards in two categories in 2016: Print – Public Service/Pro Bono, and Print – Marketing/Promotion Campaign
  7. Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month certificate of merit for an outstanding initiative toward creating a safe and healthy workplace from Excellence Canada in 2017 and 2018

A new mental wellness module for men working in northern and rural settings is under development!

Mental Wellness Word Cloud

Beginning April 15, 2016 and supported by a collaboration for health research in northern BC seed grant, a new mental wellness program, HEADS Up, for men in northern and rural workplaces is being created. The HEADS Up module will be designed to appeal to northern men and to support the well-being of employees working in a variety of diverse settings. The NEW team that will be leading the development of this module includes Dr. Cherisse Seaton (NPI, UNBC), Kerensa Medhurst (Co-PI, BCCA), Damen Deleenheer (Co-PI, Northern Health), Dr. Joan Bottorff (Co-I, UBC), Dr. John Oliffe (Co-I, UBC), and Margaret Jones-Bricker (Co-I, CCS).