A new evidence-based workplace wellness program for men that offers unique resources to support healthy and active lifestyles.


POWERPLAY is a complete healthy lifestyles program designed with men for men with tools, templates and resources that build upon and reinforce one another.

POWERPLAY creates an opportunity for men to shift their relationship with health from something they think about to something they practice daily through lifestyle habits. Men with healthy lifestyles are stronger, more energized, happier, more motivated, loyal and committed to their work.

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Percentage of men in workplaces in Northern BC interested in learning about wellness topics:

Being Physically Active


Healthy Eating


Managing Stress


Quitting/Reducing Smoking


Reducing Alcohol Consumption


  • "When we first got our Fitbits, it was a real conversation starter. Each day, everyone was talking about how many steps they had done. Now with the POWERPLAY program everyone shares more; about their weekend, their activities and it has helped build the team."

    Steve Dewalt, Shop Manager, Lomak Bulk Carriers Ltd., Prince George, BC

  • Ryan was already on the healthy living band-wagon when POWERPLAY was introduced at Ridley Coal terminal. What really motivated him to participate was to be part of it and help other people feel the same way he does, as well as helping his team accumulate steps. Even though the admin team could be considered “desk jocks” and maybe even at a disadvantage Ryan commented that "my team had other highly active people such as yoga and spin instructors. It was really good fun racking up the points and competing to get the most steps."

    Ryan Staschuk, CPA and Assistant Controller, Ridley Coal Terminal, Prince Rupert, BC

  • Lorenzo is really happy that he’s been able to continue being active at the completion of the Step Up! Challenge. As a welder, he already had a high step count in the range of 12,000 steps in a single work day, but the POWERPLAY program helped him stay motivated and pushed him to do more. "Physically I feel great, my energy has shot right up and I have more energy to do more. I look fitter and my steps have gone up from about 14,000 before the Step UP challenge to 22,000 after." The weekly POWERPLAY submissions really helped Lorenzo see his weekly goals being achieved and motivated him for more steps the next week and the competition with the other local trucking company "made fitness fun."

    Lorenzo Webb, Welder, Lomak Bulk Carriers Ltd., Prince George, BC